Working on lively matcha ( has been one of the biggest project. Not only it had to be done in less than a month, but it was one of the things that opened my heart for design. I worked on this retail store 24/7. I would get up really early in the morning to shop and right away get my hands dirty to make this beauty come to life.

This project didn’t give me a break at all. Not only did I have to come up with an idea in a short amount of time, but it had to be all within a budget. lively matcha is considered a temporary retail store and we couldn’t make a lot of changes to the place, but we did our best to decorate it to make it look well established and stylist at the same time.

The space was obviously made for a clothing store and it needed to become a tea shop with a mini bar, so I had nothing to say but ” Challenge Accepted”.

Retail Space

I wanted to work with some neutral colors so if we needed to make any changes they could be done easily.



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